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Machine in Turkey Turkish Company

Makina , Kalıp,Yedek parça, otomotiv ,Production of mechanical spare parts, and machine parts for all types of machines,
Steel Sheet Bending, Steel Sheet Processing, Sheet Cold Pressing, Sheet plastering, shaped steel parts, shaped steel sheets, steel sheet plastering and shaping flat reverse conical eliptical, water tank body sheet, oil tank body sheet, sheet bending machines, cold processing machines, plastering machines, tube bending machines, steam serpentine bendings, hydraulic plastering press - 1500 ton, water tank body, machine, cylinder, shaping, halva-dough boilers, konik bombe,
plastic bottles, pet moulds, pet machines, industrial robot, in mould labeling robots
machinery, machine parts, machinery spare parts, air-conditioning systems, 3T, 3T machine
food machines, food equipments, mechanical packaging machines, electronic packaging machines, thermoform packaging machines, spiral freezing systems, spiral cooling systems, information sector, software, data processing software service, spiral tray system, spiral tunnel system, cooling systems, freezing systems, pasteurization system, spiral bands, pom type conveyors, multi-storey tunnel systems, arranging bands, ordering bands, packaging machines, conveyor belts, forming station equipments
overhead cranes, gantry cranes, electric chain hoist, wire rope hoist, jib crane, bridge crane, portal crane
elevator, screw conveyor, seperator, aspiration channel, horizontal scourer,new model horizontal scourer, vibrotive air dust, trieur, dry stone separator, centrifugal fan, dust cyclone, intensive dampener, new model intensive dampener,airtronic roller mill, double floor roller mill, quadro plansiffer, pneumatic fan, supersonik filter, semoline pruifier, bran finisher, rotoflow, tube screw helezon, small rubber for filter and cover, pneumatic cyclone, blower pomp, hopper, chain,debimeter,
Stenter machines, weft straighteners
Construciton material and machines, natural gas boilers, panel radiators, bathroom sets, laminated floor coverings, wooden doors, elevators, cement, pvc pipes, steel pipes and tubes, water pumps, compressors, prefabricated buildings, containers, cables, transformers, regulators, ups, generating sets, electric poles, solar panels, medical supplies, soap, shampoo, detergent, hotel sets, home textile, towels, bathrobes, linens, table cloth, blanket, kitchenware, flour mills, packaging machines, raz
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