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Pulverizators in Turkey Turkish Company

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Chemical machines, pulverisators, field and garden sprayers Trade Marks: KALE, AKSAN
Manual pumps for white wash, pulveriser for insecticides, paint tanks, fire extinguishers,pressure pots for heavy liquids Trade Marks: FEVZİ SELÇUK
Knapsack sprayer, pressure sprayer, Pülverizator,crop protector,Püskürtücü
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sunn pest fighting machine 600 lt,field sprayer 400 lt,garden sprayer 400 lt,field sprayer 500 lt,field sprayer 600 lt,field sprayer 800 lt,field sprayer 1000 lt,field sprayer with spool pump 300 lt,turbo atomizer 600 lt,fertilizer machine sprayer 350 lt,membrane motor b - 1116 4,agricultural machines,pulverizators,sprayers,turbo sprayers,turbo atomizers,fertilizer spreading machines,membrane motor a - 80 3
Automotive Spare Parts - Agricultural Machines
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