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Foam Dispenser Manufacturers Turkey: SEBAT KIMYA


Founded in 2000 Sebat Kimya Inc. is the first company to manufacture antibacterial foamy wash for hand, face and body hygiene in Turkey. The company produces the dispenser, chamber and cartridge itself under Fomy brand and has design registration and useful model certificates along with the patents. The operations has been going on at the new facility incorporating 2000 sqm closed and 3000 sqm open area located in Gurpinar – Beylikduzu / Istanbul since the beginning of 2009. Final product is manufactured in this facility and also cartridge, bottle and dispenser parts are manufactured in the blowing and injection atelier of the facility. All production activities except foamer is carried on in this facility. Sebat Kimya has specialized and mastered on foaming hand, face and body cleaning products. The product range is expanding day by day. Product range caters to two sectors as industry and houses. Industrial products include wall-mounted dispensers used with 1000 ml cartridges. Wash basin products which mainly for home use are 500 ml table top foamers which come with 1600 ml and 3200 ml refill bottles. Sebat Kimya aims to contribute for the improvement of personal cleaning, hygiene and healthy life of people. Therefore its primary object is to develop and produce hygiene products for all kinds of places such as schools, hospitals, heavy and light industries, enterprises, food industries, printing houses and military.

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Woodworking machine Manufacturers Turkey


FSM GRUP MAKINA was established in Istanbul. Company has got wide range of products in order to meet all kinds of machinery requirements especially in workshop machinery industry. Aiming one of the leading establishements in foreign market, company ensures %100 customer satisfaction.

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Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Turkey: AKANSU


AKANSU GROUP started in 1915 with glass production in Kayseri. In time the company stepped in double glazing sector and started to manufacture Plastic window and door profile systems in 1996 under AKANSUPEN with CE standards. In a very short time the company became a demanded company for both sector in the market. Having a 100 year of history our company started to manufacture PVC and Polyethylene Pipe in 2006 with AKANSUBORU brand. AKANSUBORU has 75.000m2 closed and 160.000m2 total area facility. Our goal is to present quality products providing customer satisfaction by following high tech trends and technologies in the world. Our pipes has TSE and ISO 9001-2008 certificates and all the products are tested by our Quality Assurance Staff with test equipments in our Laboratory. We manufacture; PVC clean water pipes pe -100 high density polyethylene pipes pe - 80 gas pipes LDPE Low density polyethylene pipes sprinkler pipes and fittings Our Polyethylene Pipe production capacity is 140 ton/day and PVC Pipe production capacity is 130 ton/day. Our company is proud to present you the best and the most quality products with high tech machines and aftersale services.


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Aerosol Filling Machine Manufacturers Turkey

Aerosol Filling Machine Manufacturers Turkey:


The history of Sora traces back to 1981 when the company started to manufacture the first aerosol filling machine in Turkey. Onwards from 2000, Sora Cosmetics shortly turned out in Turkey as well as abroad into one of the major players in cosmetics. Ranking second in Turkey in 2011 in the category of “ personal care products “ as per IKMIB records ( Istanbul Exporters Union of Chemical Substances and Products), Sora Cosmetics exports its outstanding exports to more than 70 countries worldwide located on 5 continents. Cosmetic shops, key accounts, major retailers and wholesellers can be referred to as major clients of Sora. Again in 2011, SORA purchased the company BEBAK together with brand and know-how rights. BEBAK is a well known-brand in Turkey, set up in 1933 with cosmetic products derived from bitter almond such as cream and make-up remover. This brand still leads in its own category the Turkish market and will shortly also start marketing and sales to export markets. Headlined under personal care products, Sora manufactures for men, ladies and kids various items for skin care, baby care and personal hygiene. Household care items can be referred to as air fresheners, sprey refills and dispensers. Leading brands of Sora are ECI, BEK, SECRET OF LADY, BEBAK, 4 SQUARE, AMORE, FASHION, GARDEN and COOL AIR. Apart from its own brands, Sora also manufactures occasionally for leading retailers and cosmetic companies under their own brand. With a view to its international sales and marketing vision, participation at fairs such as COSMOPROF BOLOGNA, COSMEETING PARIS, HAIR & BEAUTY FRANKFURT, BEAUTYWORLD DUBAI, COSMOPROF HONG KONG,BEAUTY EURASIA ISTANBUL etc. are regularly included on the agenda of Sora. A continous progress in vision and quality management enables Sora to set up a future target to bridge in each export market at least one customer with one Sora product in in each segment.