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Foam Dispenser Manufacturers Turkey: SEBAT KIMYA


Founded in 2000 Sebat Kimya Inc. is the first company to manufacture antibacterial foamy wash for hand, face and body hygiene in Turkey. The company produces the dispenser, chamber and cartridge itself under Fomy brand and has design registration and useful model certificates along with the patents. The operations has been going on at the new facility incorporating 2000 sqm closed and 3000 sqm open area located in Gurpinar – Beylikduzu / Istanbul since the beginning of 2009. Final product is manufactured in this facility and also cartridge, bottle and dispenser parts are manufactured in the blowing and injection atelier of the facility. All production activities except foamer is carried on in this facility. Sebat Kimya has specialized and mastered on foaming hand, face and body cleaning products. The product range is expanding day by day. Product range caters to two sectors as industry and houses. Industrial products include wall-mounted dispensers used with 1000 ml cartridges. Wash basin products which mainly for home use are 500 ml table top foamers which come with 1600 ml and 3200 ml refill bottles. Sebat Kimya aims to contribute for the improvement of personal cleaning, hygiene and healthy life of people. Therefore its primary object is to develop and produce hygiene products for all kinds of places such as schools, hospitals, heavy and light industries, enterprises, food industries, printing houses and military.

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