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Elevator Manufacturers Turkey:

Elevator Manufacturers Turkey: IDA ISTANBUL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.

IDA Lift exports and manufactures lifts, elevators, lift doors, lift cabins, elevator doors, elevator cabins, elevator spares, elevator components, lift spares, lift components, passenger lifts, passenger elevators, full automatic doors, full automatic elevator doors, full automatic lift doors, cabin frames, counterweight frames, lift frames, elevator frames, lift, elevator, lift door, lift cabin, elevator door, elevator cabin, elevator spare, elevator component, lift spare, lift component, passenger lift, passenger elevator... IDA Lift was established in 2009 for producing and selling elevator cabins and doors. Since then, IDA Lift has been investing on human resources and technology (machinery) thus started the production and sales of cabins, fully automated doors, cabin and counterweight frames, complete lifts with or without machine room. Our 4500m2 factory has a machine park consists of cutting-edge technology laser - punch - plasma - bend - cutting machinery and fully automated electrostatic paint production line. Our production plant is in Malatya Industrial Zone and our sales office has started its operations in Istanbul, Dudullu Imes Organized Industrial Zone in mid-2014. IDA brand and our products, thanks to our customers appreciation, become one of the leading brands and preferred products in the industry in a short time. As IDA, our values are; customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, innovation and aesthetic. Our main goal is to deliver theese values to our customers as a common point. Our ISO-9001, CE, TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) certificates and EN 81-58, E120 and EI45 fire-resistant door certificates confirm the quality of our products as well as our point of view for production.

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